Tahoe City Kayak LIVE Web Cam Hosted by HD Relay LIVE Camera Services

hd relay 2022 Sand Harbor boat ramp live camera hardware long range

Just Streaming Service

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  • 1080p LIVE Streaming IP Camera Service
  • Plays on every device
  • Stream to Facebook
  • Stream to YouTube
  • Ready-made or custom built user interface
  • HTML5 streaming video
  • Snapshot images
  • Social media sharing

Long Term Time-lapse

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  • Time-lapse streaming
  • Ultra HD LIVE images
  • Plays on every device
  • Ready-made or custom built user interface
  • HTML5 streaming images and time-lapse
  • Snapshot images and time-lapse video creation and downloading

All Inclusive LIVE Streaming Service

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  • Everything in LIVE Streaming AND Time-lapse service PLUS all this…
  • Advanced Event Recall
  • Ken Burns panoramic image playback
  • Sunrise/Sunset playback preset buttons
  • Instant rewind with Cloud recording
  • Fast forward playback
  • Ad-serving
  • Too much to list – Call us for the a complete feature list.

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Shopping for a new online live marketing, jobsite camera or replacing an older camera?

The HD Relay Difference

Here are 7 features to look for:

  1. A Solid streaming service record with real results
  2. Live short video introductions
  3. User Rewind and replay
  4. HD panoramas
  5. Security footage recall – secure server incident based recall
  6. Pan Tilt Zoom controls – for user engagement
  7. Hardware support and management

Here are 7 things to avoid

  1. Free streaming service(s)
  2. Low quality camera hardware
  3. Unsuitable weather protection
  4. Wide angle/low depth of field /grainy at night etc
  5. Still shots- while great for filling a webpage bad for engaging your audience
  6. Onsite PC based image servers
  7. Limited Mobile features compatibility – most viewers depend on their phones to deliver quick useful information.

3 bonus features that might make a big difference done the line

  1. Choose a company that cares about how the online presentations look in the eyes of the public
  2. Advance replacement camera repair
  3. Webpage and on camera graphic support that is included with their service suite

HD Relay 2020 LIVE on Social Media

Many companies offer what might appear as similar services but when broken down down the differences can have a substantial effect on down stepping brand confidence if used for marketing purposes or worse if a critical event is missed due to a outage or service failure.

Grouping some companies based on claimed service offerings.

Ozoilio, hdontap, brownrice, IPcamerahosting all appear to offer free trials but to strip down the live camera into just a H.264 stream feed.

earthcam one of the longest running hosted services often gives most of the important features but repost your feed as there content

Closing with popular camera hardware choice as a next step (seo models here)

The HD Relay Difference

Here’s What People Have To Say About This Hardware Package

March 29, 2017

“…cameras we purchased from them have been robust, trouble-free, and the video quality is stunning…” – Joe Bennet, Steamboat

October 1, 2016

“…professional and responsive with superior, uninterrupted service…” – David Jon, Killington

January 18, 2018

“…guests really enjoyed the upgraded webcam streams evidenced by the numerous compliments, social media shares, and record number of camera views…” – Jonathan Davis, Perfect North Slopes

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