Solar Remote Power Station

Solar Remote Power Station provides an “always on” LIVE or Recording video camera connected to the internet 24/7.

Combines all the attributes of remote solar power (solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries) with a LIVE camera and cellular up-link in one easy-to-install kit. This Remote Power Station is a proven and reliable solution for industries such as forest management, water management, ski resorts, construction sites, and everything in between. Kit includes a 90 watt solar panel, IP68 Dotworkz camera housing (D2, D3, for PTZ cameras or S-Type long range cameras), HD Relay LIVE camera (PTZ, Long Range, or Wide Angle), Cellular Up-link (Verizon or AT&T), and a lockable battery box to house the charge controllers and other sensitive electronics. This complete system is very easy to install and only takes about 30-40 minutes. Most importantly, this Solar Remote Power Station is seamlessly integrated with HD Relay LIVE and Recorded Camera Services.

Solar Remote Power Station

90 watt Solar Panel

90 watt Solar Panel

Long range camera with Cellular Up-link

Long range camera with Cellular Up-link

Battery Box with Charge Controller

Battery Box with Charge Controller

The HD Solar Remote Power Station includes a 3G/4G LTE uplink hardware kit that provides the LIVE camera connection.

Remote Celluar UplinkCertified – tested internal antenna

*Third party uplink (Verizon/AT&T). Fees can be bundled into HD Relay services.

Verizon Wireless Sprint Nextel

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Verizon Wireless and/or AT&T. We are an independent live streaming camera hosting company.

Turn Your Camera On or Off From Anywhere with the HD Relay IP Remote Control Power Switch

This is the next step in remote camera power management. Now with the HD Relay IP Remote Control Power Switch you have total control over your remote camera or any devices that’s connected to the internet. This IP based power switch features a custom daily schedule for 2 power outlets – plus a custom interface to turn your camera on or off from any device. This IP Remote Control Power Switch is perfect for solar or remote camera installations by having the camera on a set schedule to save battery hours during critical battery usage times. Not only can you control your camera’s power, you can also control other devices such as actuated snow stakes – this allows you to activate the snow platform making dump the freshly fallen snow from the push of a button and from the convenience of not being in the freezing weather outside.

HD Relay 2021 uswitchpro

Save batteries and reduce solar panel size sets timer to turn off in 10 min

Add live controls to construction, work area, food processing, water management sites such as lighting, alarms, gates, etc…

Automate any live camera stream to virtually and device

Use the IP Remote Power Switch to control the following:







Snow Stakes

Other Devices

Here’s an LIVE example of the IP Remote Control Power Switch

1) Click the “Play” Icon in the player below to play the LIVE stream!

2) Now click the green “Remove Snow” button to see the snow platform activate!

It’s that simple.

Click the “Remove Snow”
button to activate clearing.

Demo Version*

*For demo only – installed automation kits are non public and secure.