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Do not let lift lines get your winter marketing down. Live cameras have been the backbone of modern online marketing and condition reporting for years. The better your cameras look the more value and confidence your customers have in your end product (think snow) and service (lifts and lodging). HD relay has always strived to make resort conditions look amazing and build online confidence. Of course, we also build easy to install camera kits, snow reporting tools and webstreaming tools but these are just a small part of the bigger picture.

In recent years, everything has changed. New protocols need to be in place including safe distancing, ADA compliance and after hours lift recording to name a few. But the biggest challenge we have been hearing is “How do we avoid showing our lift lines on our live cameras?”

1) All of our PTZ camera systems have built in features that allow us to limit view angles and zoom ratios. Reach out to your HDrelay contact so we can reprogram the center or home position and add limits.

2) Nothing shows more fun on the cameras than live lifts and great snow. BOTH of these elements exist at the top of your lifts. Ask us about adding a new ring of fire deicing HD camera to your online marketing this season (see sample and demos below).

Get your best views in the frame

ADD a Summit Camera to your marketing today

Summit camera kits are in stock and can be shipped within 1-2 days. Just need line power, vibration free mounting location and internet uplink.

Show your snow-

New fully automated self clearing snow stake reporting kits.

FlipTech® Snow Stake.

Systems require 12 VDC power and network.

Call us for full details and instruction

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