HD Relay servers securely uplink to your remote IP camera(s) as a single connection that then gets transcoded and relayed into powerful user friendly video formats. From our managed servers, all the camera data is processed and ready for websites, custom apps, social media, security, news feeds, photo logging, and timelapse. HD Relay’s video data management system, creative UI, and expert support team have earned the trust of a growing industry niche to become what has been often copied but never duplicated.

The HDrelay Difference –

hd relay 2019 live map how it works

Remote camera + HDrelay advanced server network = Results

LIVE Camera Service Overview

HD Relay is the leading remote IP video monitoring solutions provider for managing, hosting, and maintaining live streaming video camera systems. We are the most trusted name in outdoor live camera systems made easy with video recording, interactive images, time-lapse, live 1080p High Definition, and a whole lot more in 4K resolution and beyond.

Just Streaming Service

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  • 1080p LIVE Streaming IP Camera Service
  • Plays on every device
  • Stream to Facebook
  • Stream to YouTube
  • Ready-made or custom built user interface
  • HTML5 streaming video
  • Snapshot images
  • Social media sharing

Long Term Time-lapse

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  • Time-lapse streaming
  • Ultra HD LIVE images
  • Plays on every device
  • Ready-made or custom built user interface
  • HTML5 streaming images and time-lapse
  • Snapshot images and time-lapse video creation and downloading

All Inclusive LIVE Streaming Service

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  • Everything in LIVE Streaming AND Time-lapse service PLUS all this…
  • Advanced Event Recall
  • Ken Burns panoramic image playback
  • Sunrise/Sunset playback preset buttons
  • Instant rewind with Cloud recording
  • Fast forward playback
  • Ad-serving
  • Too much to list – Call us for the a complete feature list.

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Something for every market – Beyond Ordinary

Camera features turn live video streams into powerful communication venues.

Tourism sample…

Remote camera management from simple to advanced