Construction Site Timelapse and Recording

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HD Relay construction site live cameras provide jobsite monitoring, recording, and promotion for contractors, developers, and engineers around the globe.

Construction Site Live Cameras Long Range Camera Kit

iPhone PTZ controls and iPhone Ready


“No loss” internet connectivity

dual siam cellular router

Construction Site Live Cameras – Recent Projects:

Brian Head Resort – Construction Cam – 1 Min Timelape

Sun Valley – Warm Springs

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With over 25 years of offering and managing construction cameras, HD Relay is the only construction camera to offer live jobsite viewing, timelapse projects, panoramic capture, HD online recording, instant rewind, and fast forward playback in one plug-n-play system called ProBuild™.

Customizable Features from Simple to Advanced:

Construction Site Live Cameras - interactive images in high definition plus


Stream live images and live video of your jobsite and access them anywhere, anytime. With HD Relay, logging in from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to see how things are progressing on your jobsite has never been easier.

Construction Site Live Cameras - preview mode


Review time-lapse images and create as many time-lapse videos as you want. Watch your jobsite progress with our beautiful time-lapse player and at the end of your project we create a stunning time-lapse video of your entire project.

Construction Site Live Cameras - jobsite security and online recording player


HD Relay offers online security recording that records HD video, 24/7. You can watch or download your HD security footage from anywhere and easily navigate through time with the fast forward playback feature.

LIVE Camera Features - Construction or Jobsite Ultra Gigapixel Panos


64×64 HD (1920×1080) images seamlessly stitched together to create an ultra HD panoramic image.

LIVE Camera Features - Construction or Jobsites Recording and Timelapse


Easily add the award winning Ken Burns image effect to any panoramic live image.

LIVE Camera Features - Security Recording


FREE Post Production videos to create the perfect End of project time-lapse movie.

Construction Site Live Cameras - Jobsite Hardware in Long Range, Wide Angle, or PTZ Cameras


HD Relay has a wide selection of Construction Site Live Cameras consisting of Jobsite Hardware such as Long Range, Wide Angle, or PTZ kits.

Flood Control LIVE PTZ Camera Hosting and Hardware Components for Water Management

Complete PTZ Jobsite Camera Kits

Introducing complete PTZ Jobsite solution. Now with Dual Sim Cellular Router and Antenna. Everything needed for a quick internet ready installation.

Budget friendly service, 24/7 support, easy DIY camera installs, and more.

With HD Relay, your jobsite is always accessible 24/7. You can view your project live in real-time. Remotely check in on deliveries, subcontractors, weather conditions, safety, security, and more. Give team members and even clients limited or total camera access so everyone can stay up-to-date on the progression of your project. The HD Relay web based application works just like any other website. Log in from anywhere using your favorite device.

jobsite camera ptz with dual sim cellular router

Plug-n-play installation. Best prices. More features. Unequal customer support.

​*Special pricing requires 2 year service agreement.