HD Relay 2019 live pan tilt zoom controls on desktop tablet and mobile devices


PTZ CONTROLS FOR ALL! Live Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera controls for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices that grow your audience’s engagement and keep your viewers coming back for more. So many live cam features that work for your location – LEARN MORE www.hdrelay.com #live #controllablecameras #hdcontrols #hdexperience

HD Relay 2019 Feature of the Week LIVE Temperature Streaming

LIVE Temperature Streaming from Local IP Cameras

LIVE Temperature Streaming from Local IP Cameras Introducing the onsite LIVE temperature streaming feature from HD Relay. This is new temperature streaming feature adds accurate weather to your live camera that’s 100% accurate from your cameras physical location. No more relying on temperature widgets that use temperatures averages from cities. Ask how you can add…