DomeWizardPRO 40 Max - Elevated Multiple Mode Cleaning System

DomeWizardPRO 40Max – Elevated Multiple Mode Cleaning System

DomeWizardPRO™ cleaning mode 1 allows the tool to open wide for specialty cameras such as large PTZ domes and multi sensor cameras. In mode 2 the cleaning head shapes perfectly to clean smaller mini dome cameras. In mode 3 the cleaning mitt elongates to clean flat surfaces such as optical beams, LED screens, specialty equipment, flat lenses, traffic lights, solar panels, and of course indoor/outdoor CCTV cameras. Finally, cleaning mode 4 uses the Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth for jobs that require extra cleaning from dirt, debris, and exhaust build up. This kit now includes a easy to set up ultralight carbon pole design for fast spin free operation and convenient jobsite transportation. US designed and assembled by Dotworkz.


  • No Ladder or Lift Equipment Needed
  • Cleans From Ground Level
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Light Weight Carbon Fiber
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • 40′ Collapsible Extension Pole


DomeWizardPRO – Ultra high reaching multi surface cleaning tool