DomeWizard 25 - Elevated Cleaning System with Multiple Cleaning Modes from Dotworkz 2020

DomeWizard 25 – Elevated Cleaning System with Multiple Cleaning Modes

DomeWizard 25 (DW-PKG-25-CF) from Dotworkz Kit Contains: DomeWizard™ Lens Cleaning Head, 3 DomeWizard™ Microfiber Mitts, a 6 foot ovalized spin free carbon fiber extension pole that extends to 25 feet, and an 8oz bottle of Pro-Clean cleaning solution.


  • No Ladder or Lift Equipment Needed
  • Cleans From Ground Level
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Light Weight Carbon Fiber
  • Shipping Worldwide


DomeWizard Main Features
Light weight carbon fiber pole
MicroFiber absorb and release technology
Safe, fast and easy to use
No ladders or lift required
Fits standard extension poles
Scratch and streak free cleaning
Includes a washable microfiber mitt
Works on all outdoor / indoor dome housings, mini domes and even static box housings

New DomeWizard carbon fiber kit is lightweight and extremely long reaching for professional CCTV maintenance tasks.

DomeWizard – Ultra high reaching multi surface cleaning tool

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