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Time Lapse Broadcasting and Long Term Storage

Our HD Timelapse features can be set to record long term ultra high resolution images hourly, by the minute or even by the second. This HD Time Lapse system records everything the camera views. It’s perfect for long term recording a construction project, parking lot, production line, event, seasonal weather, snow conditions, almost limitless!

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All images are stored offsite in HD Relay data centers. Making this secure, affordable, and expandable. If your time lapse project requires images to be compiled for days, weeks or years our managed service is just a phone call away.

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Time lapse is very social, very mobile and incredibly engaging for your online viewers. From your HD Relay camera master control portal it is very easy to upload your time lapse movies to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others in just a few clicks or just cut and paste the link code to your websites homepage, blog site or affiliate pages.

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Crystal clear high resolution JPG creation preset time capture offering the ultimate time lapse experience.

Time Lapse Available for Simple, Advanced, and HD Panoramic!

Call us to review the best options for your live camera project!

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iSitePhotos Construction Timelapse Video 1440x1080

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ProTips from HD Relay

Tip #4 – Use a time-lapse, panoramic time-lapse, or point to click camera recording interface solutions when only low bandwidth ISP options are available in your area.

Tip #7 – HD Relay has more security options then just anti high jacking. We can connect your live camera through a VPN or other measures making us the right choice for all corporate applications. Removing common and not so common threats and attacks against camera vulnerability as it pertains to IT network security. We also have a team dedicated to IT infrastructure as it pertains to live cameras and network security. Call (866) 883-8717 to get an IT discussion started.

“The team at HD Relay has been professional and responsive with superior, uninterrupted service. The cameras we purchased from them have been robust and trouble-free, and the video quality is stunning. Our guests really enjoyed the upgraded webcam streams evidenced by the numerous compliments, social media shares, and record number of camera views.” – Jonathan Davis, Perfect North Slopes

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