IC|HD ProStream – Advanced Live Camera Streaming

Interactive Cameras in High Definition (IC|HD)

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You get limitless marketing within the live video feeds allowing for instant social media outreach with even rewind and clip creation. Introduce your brand with locational awareness with our positional logo features. Deliver memorable impact with true 1080p camera viewing experiences that can be controlled by the viewer.

Live Camera Streaming Services

HD Relay is changing the way the world uses live cameras.

More businesses than ever are using live HD camera technologies to promote their locations, products and services to the world. Running a professionally hosted live stream and time-lapse service is like scoring your own broadcast cable channel with the added benefit of an entire online marketing group. The only difference is that, with HD Relay, the channel is 100% your brand. No commercial breaks, no ads, no time limit. It’s just you showing off your best assets. All day, everyday.

Simply add HD Relay service to a new or existing IP camera or Webcam and we take care of the rest. Increase your business’s visibility and achieve major audience growth by offering a world-class live camera viewing experience. A live camera feed instantly generates usable video content for your websites, social media channels, and marketing campaigns. Best of all, this streaming content is a direct way to reach people, straight from your most valued resource – your business, destination, or resort!

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Live Camera Streaming Services

HD Relay is changing the way the world uses live cameras.

Using live HD camera technologies to promote, educate and localize your business to the world is our expertise. Professionally hosted live streaming and time-lapse is similar to having your own broadcast cable channel, and online marketing group all in one, only its 100% your brand. Simply add the HD Relay service to an IP camera and we take care of the rest.

Increase your businesses visibility and audience growth by offering the best live camera viewing experience, generating impressionable video content for your websites, social media marketing, branding awareness, all from streaming your most valued resource – your businesses destination/resort!

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Live controllable cameras with more features that ever

HD Relay offers more live camera features than any other company. From sunset/sunrise presets, to camera controls, fast forward playback, instant rewind, logo overlays, intro videos, timelapse, auto panning, and so much more.

With more live camera features than ever, what else could you possibly want?

HD Relay 2017 Live controllable cameras with more features that ever

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Live Streaming for Every Device and Every Browser Compatible

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Popular devices include:
iPhone, Android, iPads, iPad Mini’s, Netbooks, Laptops, Desktops, and more

hdrelay every browser compatible

Popular internet browsers include:
Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and more.

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Accessible and organized 30 second MP4 clips

Records live video with online storage

hdrelay downloadable mp4 30 second clips

Panoramic Auto Capture Ultra HD Wide Angle JPG Image Capture and Storage

Download each Time Lapse Panoramic Image as a 1920×1080 JPG.

Call us to discuss your next destination stream!

Time Lapse Players from JPG Online Storage

Crystal clear high resolution JPG creation preset time capture offering the ultimate time lapse experience.

Our HD Time Lapse system records everything the camera views. This is perfect for long term recording a construction project, parking lot, production line, event, seasonal weather, snow conditions, almost limitless! This feature can be set to record long term ultra high resolution images hourly, by the minute or even by the second.

See the HD Relay Time Lapse Feature In Action – Click Here

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We’ve got the Best Live Streaming Service you’ll need to maximize the return on your live camera investment.

Live Streaming Services –
You get more than just the ultimate live streaming service. With HD Relay you’ll create a following of your business or destination by providing your audience with the fresh content they’re craving through the best live streaming player.

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With HD Relay, you’re audience will get the Best Live Streaming Player Experience from your new live streaming camera.

Live Streaming Services –
Your audience gets the best live camera streaming experience that’s both engaging and interesting drawing the audience in for more. With new Fast Forward Playback the audience can see last night’s sunset in a matter of seconds and not minutes. Or they can watch a storm pass by a beach camera at the new breath taking fast forward playback. Plus, they never miss anything with the instant 7 day rewind feature.

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Call us to review the best options for your live camera project!

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ProTips from HD Relay

Tip #1 – With IC|HD you can create, edit and share HD 1080P (as well as 360 and 720 resolutions) video clips. IC|HD is perfect for snowfall, surfing, sunsets, tournaments, promotions, street fairs, and so much more.

Tip #2 – Use the rewind feature to quickly share a past moment seen on the camera.

Tip #3 – Write a brief description about your live camera directly below your live camera stream’s webpage as this further increase the Search Engine Optimization for your live camera.

IC|HD is ideal for:

hdrelay image icons ichd applications weather and environment events

Weather / Environment

Snow reporting, storm watching, rain/flood warning, water way monitoring, road and freeways, just to name a few.

hdrelay image icons ichd applications tourism


Overlooks, overviews, scenic locations, tourist destinations, monuments, beaches, national parks, animal habits, and more.

hdrelay image icons ichd applications hospitality


Hotels, resorts, vineyards, restaurants, wedding, and all hospitality related locations.

hdrelay image icons ichd applications leisure and sports

Leisure & Sports

Surf, recreational parks, golf courses, outdoor theme parks, and all other outdoor activities.

hdrelay image icons ichd applications nature and wildlife

Nature & Wildlife

Zoos, animal sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and parks, nature, animal birthing, and educational farms.

Easy budget options with near instant results!

“HD Relay has been an invaluable service that helps us draw high-value traffic to our website while at the same time preserving our bandwidth and providing a secure camera environment. They have become an important part of our team and I couldn’t be happier with the service and the time it has saved me. Working with them has been a pleasure and their service is better than any other’s that I’ve worked with.” – Matt Roberts, eBusiness Manager of Steamboat Ski & Resort

HD Relay Also Gives You The Best Performance, Security, and User Experience


  • Supports 1000’s of HD streaming viewers simultaneously
  • Reduces LAN bandwidth up to 90%
  • Flexible, scalable and affordable
  • Real time online dash board system
  • Bandwidth plans for all budgets
  • Variable timeout for cost saving
  • Full logo and pre-roll brand options


  • Anti-hijack stream protection
  • Local IP address remains private
  • Email driven event notice
  • Add onsite or offsite “casino grade” camera recording options


  • Unlimited HD resolution options from large format +2K images to 160 x120
  • All device compatibility (IOS, Android, etc.)
  • Instant camera angle control
  • Public Voting PTZ interface
  • Wide angle low bandwidth HD point and click
  • Full audio options
  • Direct social media integration

Increase User Interaction Level

Choosing the right unique end user on screen option set is important for creating positive and memorable viewer experiences. Since our beginnings in 1998 we have been pioneering “viewer controlled PTZ” as a standard option for live video. The latest 2016/2017 cameras are even more complex with multiple H.264 codecs, OS platforms and 1000’s of different PTZ drivers we are leaders in live control options. Please ask us about the following standard options:

  • Preset only control
  • Auto tour no user controls
  • Voting control uses social media to direct camera
  • Full control with custom pan and tilts limits
  • Privacy masking for windows and other areas
  • Control based on motion or sensor
  • Admin only control
  • Time Lapse recording on presets

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Camera hardware experts

Single biggest US manufacture with platinum pricing, and expertise that can save you time and money.

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Full System Support

Full system support staffed with smart people who know how to help.

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Worldwide exposure

Live cameras are very popular, and we make sure that yours looks and works flawlessly.

Continuous Live Streaming

IC|HD ProStream:

  • Live Streaming

  • Instant Rewind

  • Fast Forward Playback (Creates “time-lapse” like video playback experience)

1080p Interactive Camera in High Definition (IC|HD) from Ponta da Praia, Brazil