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Live streaming cameras tells a unique story.

Our business of provisioning live video systems for online viewing, recording, and marketing was created out of a brief meeting in 1995 on a remote beach in southern Costa Rica. The meeting between our CEO and a Yahoo contractor lasted only about 10 minutes, however what was discussed remained as the basis of what HD Relay is today. During that meeting the concept of using networked web based cameras and computers to view and interact online with remote beaches, travel destinations, action sports resorts, and wildlife was discussed in only general details. By 1995 we were missing a few key technology pieces — A reliable video compression standard and an affordable yet fast network uplink needed to deliver the video streams back into our remote servers.  It wasn’t until 1998 that we were able to launch what was likely to be the first live 320×280 user controllable 10 fps plus pan tilt zoom live camera in the western United States. This pioneering controllable camera system was named after the Hamel’s brothers in San Diego, CA (a landmark business who commissioned the camera) that quickly become known as the iconic Hamelcam of the late 1990’s. After more than 19 years HD Relay has become much more than a live camera host. We have grown to include worldwide relay server footprint, patents, specialty camera hardware, and our brand new IC|HD™ platform. Our live systems are used worldwide for streaming, time-lapse, recording, live audio, ultra high resolution panoramic, and even mobile video solutions for vehicles.

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Now more than 19 years later and with 5,000+ camera systems deployed around the world and 2,000 hours of Research and Development we are proud to offer the exact vision of how we imagined, expected and pioneered live video to be. Today high definition (HD) large audience video services over Internet connections is now our standard. Our company is dedicated to bringing this vision and our experience to your live camera system project. You will find only friendly and knowledgeable engineers, technical sales, customer service and project managers to assist your team. HD Relay is the pioneer in live IP video solutions for managing, hosting and maintaining reliable unrivaled live HD web camera experiences. With our extensive customer base consisting of broadcasters, construction firms, retail stores, ski resorts, amusement parks, local and federal government, and web attraction locations worldwide, we have developed a state of the art video relay system your project and viewers require.

We maintain friendly and knowledgeable project managers, engineers and technical sales personnel to provide a total customer service experience for your organization.

Helping our customers gain popularity and look good online is our story!

Please visit our elite customer base of broadcasters, construction firms, retail stores, ski resorts, amusement parks, and government customers. Each will tell you their worldwide web traffic numbers have increased dramatically once they added quality HD cameras and HD Relay to their team. Live high quality definition video and streaming is what your customers and visitors want to see. It is in all probability the number one most desired attraction to your website. Online business customers find live quality hosted video streaming stimulating, trustworthy and interesting as a viewing experience. From there everything else on your website becomes another new attraction possibility. HD Relay live camera hosting services empower you to take on new marketing and social media challenges with new technology and the 19 years of creative experience only the HD Relay team can provide.

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Watch the HD Relay introduction video:

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Limitless Live Video only with HD Relay

HD Relay has been progressively changing the way the world uses Live Cameras. Our range of services expand go far beyond Live Streaming. We give your team the tools to combine advancements in HD Live Streaming with Recording, Overlays, Ultra High Resolution Panoramic, Time Lapse, Live Audio, and Downloadable Video across all platforms. With live cameras your location or attraction can generate fresh content that seamlessly interfaces with all popular social platforms while attracting constant worldwide awareness directly to your website. Once our flexible IC|HD™ live video architecture is combined with a remote camera(s) it creates a powerful and dynamic content system. HD Relay brings over 19 years of experience as an industry leader and pioneer with the IC|HD™ platform. This expertise insures your content is always on, uniquely professional, and supported 24/7. With HD Relay services your team can leverage our award winning hardware and dedicated customer support professionals to insure your camera content and live video performance goes beyond world class.

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Unique Live Video Content Grows Online Business or Destination Traffic

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  • Increase search engine indexing, website based inquiries, and brand opportunities.
  • Grow your social media marketing by proven results by increasing followers and engagement with a live camera.
  • Grow your brands awareness and recognition from providing the best live camera streaming experience.

HD Relay gives you the tools and opportunities to capitalize on your unique weather, location, wildlife, architecture, inventory, destination, or unique services. Get your business online with a live streaming camera to a limitless audience, creating impressionable video content of your business growing your website traffic, social media marketing, and brand awareness from the best live camera viewing experience in the business.

Pre Configured Hardware Tailored For Streaming

HD Relay offers the most time tested and reliable hardware options available. We get your business or destination streaming with a live camera faster and without frustration. How? We engineer and manufacture our own camera hardware here in our factory.

hdrelay home page grid pre configured hardware bash enlcosure ip68Camera Types & Enclosures at a Glance

  • Compact, rugged and discrete with the award winning B.A.S.H with wide angle camera.
  • hdrelay home page grid pre configured hardware d2 enclosure ip68 with axis camera insideAward winning PTZ system based on Dotworkz D2/D3 housing perfect for controllable cameras with voting or control take over.
  • hdrelay home page grid pre configured hardware s type enclosure boss system with camera insideStatic Cameras and with Dotworkz S-Type the long distance option.

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Streaming Services

hdrelay home page grid streaming services multi device capatibleIC|HD is much more than just a streaming service. With HD Relay hardware and services your business or destination will develop new levels of audience outreach, sponsorship's, sharing, retention and bookmarking.


Interactive Cameras in HD Experience IC|HD for Yourself


  • HD Time Lapse
  • Instant Re-Play IC|HD
  • Fast Forward Playback IC|HD
  • Panoramic Time Lapse
  • Live audio
  • Long term recording up to 5 years for timelapse
  • 1080p & 720 Downloadable MP4 Movie Clips IC|HD

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Social Media Marketing

hdrelay home page grid social media marketing post facebook embedding and sharing examplesHD Relay gives your marketing team state of the art social media marketing tools for new levels of awareness, engagement, and virility building inside all social network outlets.


  • Facebook player
  • hdrelay home page grid social media marketing graph and social platform iconsShare-a-event player
  • Real time preview server access – for virtual postcards and app development

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Flexible Camera Hosting Architecture with IC|HD

hdrelay home page grid flexible camera hosting architecture with simple options pre roll and ad or logo overlay and end screen or reconnect screen linkingWith over 19 years of system development we designed our live services to work for your business or destination.

hdrelay home page grid flexible camera hosting architecture with ichd experienceHow?

By increasing brand awareness and brand promotion through overlays, pre rolls, connect/reconnect screens , and the new multifunction embedded overlays all while providing ultra fast connection speeds, worldwide platform relays and enhanced remote camera security.

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Configuration Support

hdrelay home page grid configuration support contact us imageConfiguring basics, setting up cameras, wireless networking, network routing, advanced projects that require specialty hardware. Yes, that’s what we do… camera hardware and streaming specialists that scale with your live camera success.

At HD Relay, we understand that your companies focus should be set on running the business and not on running your cameras. Our group of dedicated camera support specialists provides real world experience and industry certifications needed to optimize your camera(s) network while offering a personalized customer service experience only found at HD Relay.

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DIY ROI with our AdServer

Do it yourself return on your live camera investment

We understand Ad serving, most of our clients have created healthy balance sheets because our IC|HD platform is VAST Compliant.

The HDrelay system allows you to set up and dictate how your own or third party ad media is played, prerolled, tracked, integrated and branded inside your live camera network.

With our Advanced Advertising options you’ll be able to increase opportunities through monetization of your fast-growing camera audience.

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