The Ocean Beach Case Study

Case Study – The “OB” Ocean Beach, CA


Live Camera content gets social media results

1200% facebook growth
in only 60 days


  • Facebook “Likes” and “follows” up 4000% first 60 days
  • Returning daily website traffic up 1200% in 60 days
  • Builds Community involvement
  • Increases safety and security
  • Promotes outdoor recreation and supports the businesses that cater to actual visitors

New Ocean Beach HD Webcam


Web stats and marketing including feedback can be tracked hourly, daily via

Website traffic from Hdrealy


How we do it?

Live streaming


Time Lapse


Custom Overlay



HD Relay camera hosting service has access to over 35 unique video players, time-lapse players and overlays. These options assists marketing depths to be able to create engaging web user experiences that get bookmarked and shared on social media.



Products Used


The Ocean Beach camera has been running for over 10 years. Recently the camera has been upgraded to HD quality Axis PTZ from Standard definition. Since this location is very near the beach a Dotworkz Tornado (non metallic) Marine ready housing was used to provide a air tight IP68 seal and protect the sensitive HD PTZ camera from salt water and heat build up. The camera is powered via the KT-AXPA to avoid using PoE power bricks for reliability. To enhance the web visitor experience the outdoor KT-MIC (microphone) was installed to the camera to pick up the live sound of waves and sea birds. The Camera is cleaned with the Dome cleaner maintenance tool from the ground level.

Audio Kit


Outdoor ready Microphone IP66 option for almost all network and CCTV cameras and housings that use a 3mm line out. Engineered to work as a vibration free acoustic backdrop to pick up sound at a distance. Heavy duty multi angle audio in is easier then ever to install and configure. Dotworkz has designed this product to withstand extreme temperatures, ice, water and even wind. All external cabling is UV shielded and covered to protect for outdoor use.