Hot and Humid Hardware Package

Stream in hot and humid areas while keeping your camera cool and dry.

Stream in Hot & Humid Climates with the Tornado Hardware Package

The Tornado “blower” creates a vortex of constant air moving around your camera allowing it to operate at its designed temperature in mild climates 30° to 120° F.

Designed specifically for mild environments that DON’T require the robust active cooling of our COOLDOME™ system. This IP68 outdoor system will not rust or corrode protecting sensitive HD PTZ (pan tilt and zoom) camera from saltwater and daytime heat related issues by inducing two high volume fans and internal thermal blanketing for passive heat dissipation. The Camera unit is our for this year that includes a 360° pan and tilt ,12X optical zoom 18X digital zoom to insure attractions at a distance are seen as crisp and clear throughout all lighting conditions. Pole mounting, audio cabling, PoE jumper and enhanced on board memory are standard in this kit.

Ultra high resolution camera with variable auto focus lens insures far off attractions and events are seen crystal clear throughout all lighting conditions including ocean glare, flaring and night images.

HD Relay’s Streaming services include tools and expertise needed to create unique and professional Live Streaming solutions for your business, agency or organization. We offer simple streaming plans that include hardware, design, and support needed to create a successful and SEO friendly live camera experience for your online viewers.

hdrelay probuild - all hardware packages include probuild (camera setup) at no extra charge

hdrelay live camera hardware packages stream anywhere bash enclosure

Micro Dome Cameras

Micro Dome Cameras Mountable Anywhere Tough – Durable

hdrelay live camera hardware packages stream anywhere d2 enclosure

D2 Tornado
PTZ/Minidome Cameras

hdrelay live camera hardware packages stream anywhere s-type enclosure

S-Type Tornado
Static Cameras

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hdrelay probuild - we'll build it for you

Every Camera system sold by HD Relay includes professional assembly by our certified production team prior to shipment. With HD Relay ProBuild, you’ll receive the most thorough, highest-level service available. We will inspect the camera optics, install, and tune all components, then partially disassemble it so that it is ready and secure to ship directly to you. FREE WITH EVERY HARDWARE PACKAGE!