Desert and High Heat Hardware Package

Stream in high temperature areas with no risk to your 24/7 camera over-heating/failing.

Desert and High Heat Live Streaming Cameras!

Keep your camera cool even in the hottest environments.

Our COOLDOME™ product line provides the ultimate solution to extremely hot climates such as deserts and extremely sunny areas. Every COOLDOME™ product can protect your camera and equipment from climate temperatures that can reach 167 degrees F / 75 degrees C. Our trusted 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment against the all temperature environments.

Most cameras shut down in extreme heat leaving an area vulnerable without video surveillance (Click here to see what happens when a camera fails under extreme hot climate). The COOLDOME™ keeps cameras operating flawlessly, even when subjected to soaring temperatures and direct sunlight. The solid state cooling system and high-flow fans remove heat without air exchange into the sealed housing, thus controlling humidity that can cause lens fogging and component corrosion.

The COOLDOME™ turns off and on automatically at set temperature thresholds to generate up to a 45° F differential with the outside environment. In addition to preventing thermal shutdown, the lower temperature reduces wear on moving parts as well as damage to mounted wireless components, cell routers, and hard drives.

hdrelay probuild - all hardware packages include probuild (camera setup) at no extra charge

hdrelay live camera hardware packages desert high heat bash enclosure

Micro Dome Cameras

Micro Dome Cameras Mountable Anywhere Tough – Durable

hdrelay live camera hardware packages desert high heat d2 cooldome enclosure

PTZ/Minidome Cameras

hdrelay live camera hardware packages desert high heat s-type cooldome enclosure

Static Cameras

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hdrelay probuild - we'll build it for you

Every Camera system sold by HD Relay includes professional assembly by our certified production team prior to shipment. With HD Relay ProBuild, you’ll receive the most thorough, highest-level service available. We will inspect the camera optics, install, and tune all components, then partially disassemble it so that it is ready and secure to ship directly to you. FREE WITH EVERY HARDWARE PACKAGE!