Beach and Marina Hardware Package

Stream in hot or cold areas with a heater and blower hardware package.

Beach and Marina Live Streaming Cameras!

Keep your camera & housing dry and cool with a Heater & Blower enclosure.

All Dotworkz products are marine ready with either an IP66 or IP68 rating depending upon your needs. Our Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic is non-corrosive providing the ultimate protection against lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, humidity, and any marine environment. Our proven 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment against the all marine environments.

The Dotworkz D2 environmental housing sets the industry standard for design excellence in camera protection from the rigors of outdoor use, vandalism and physical damage. To offer this superior performance in a cost-effective, all-weather package, Dotworkz has incorporated its proven Heater/Blower system into the D2 architecture. It is ideal in weather conditions ranging from 30° F (-1° C) to 95° F (35° C), where it will maintain PTZ cameras at optimal operating temperature.

Excessive cold and heat could potentially damage sensitive IP and analog cameras. To combat the cold, the unit’s heater automatically activates at 40° F (4° C) and deactivates at 60° F (15° C) with a thermal cut-off assuring safe heating operation. The blower remains on at all time, keeping cameras cool and fog free. The Heater-Blower D2 system is expandable to our dual blower Tornado system.

The ultimate barrier between the camera and environmental factors, the Heater-Blower D2 significantly reduces weather-related wear-and tear. It is tested to be water, dust and air tight.

Ultra high resolution camera with variable auto focus lens insures far off attractions and events are seen crystal clear throughout all lighting conditions including ocean glare, flaring and night images.

hdrelay probuild - all hardware packages include probuild (camera setup) at no extra charge

hdrelay live camera hardware packages beach and marina bash enclosure

Micro Dome Cameras

Expandable – Add multiple cameras to your beach resort.

hdrelay live camera hardware packages beach and marina d2 heater blower enclosure

D2 Heater & Blower
PTZ/Minidome Cameras.

Provide your viewers with a controllable 360 degree view of your live beach feed.

hdrelay live camera hardware packages beach and marina s-type heater blower enclosure

S-Type Heater & Blower
Static Cameras.

Ideal camera package for using the new Fast Forward Playback feature.

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Every Camera system sold by HD Relay includes professional assembly by our certified production team prior to shipment. With HD Relay ProBuild, you’ll receive the most thorough, highest-level service available. We will inspect the camera optics, install, and tune all components, then partially disassemble it so that it is ready and secure to ship directly to you. FREE WITH EVERY HARDWARE PACKAGE!