ProBuild Live Camera Hardware

We build and configure your camera system for you.

Every HD Relay camera client has different project needs which is why we developed our ProBuild camera hardware solution service group. With ProBuild you get more than just a camera from HD Relay. Each system piece of our live camera hardware is custom configured, tested, set up, packed up, and post install calibrated to insure quality and networks are optimum. Since ProBuild is included with your HD Relay hardware package there are no additional fees.

HD Relay ProBuild reduces install time – typically our customers can save few hours or even days depending on system complexities. Since every camera system is built to order and pre-configured to your project, your teams installation is generally as easy as unpacking, securely mounting in place, connecting power, attaching the network cable, and then simply calling us to finalize the camera system. With ProBuild on the job, the camera install can be greatly simplified; reduced onsite labor needed while still keeping your local team involved and in the know if anything goes wrong later.

ProBuild (Valued at $450) is included with every HD Relay Live Outdoor Camera Package

All HD Relay Camera Hardware Packages Now Come With A LIFETIME Warranty! Call (866) 883-8717 To Learn More

ProBuild 25 Point Check List

HD Relay ProBuild Sample Services Performed

  • Inspect and prep protective outdoor housing
  • Prep camera selected by the customer
  • Assemble the Camera to the required interior mounting bracket to manufactures specifications
  • Connect the power for the camera
  • Test connectivity of installed camera to housing
  • Set user accounts for the Camera to access the Network
  • Set Dynamic DNS
  • Upgrade Firmware when applicable
  • Power cycle camera, housing, microphone, IR, and SD card
  • Test and configure to max/min image resolution and network speed in camera
  • Install and configure security based removable memory
  • Test audio levels to application —-> HD Relay Technician checks the
  • Microphone settings
  • Configure network settings – IP Address, etc
  • Test and inspect the HD video players on desktop and mobile platforms to ensure image quality and experience

Sample post install services performed  

  • HD Relay anti high jacking set up and test
  • Configure and optimize audio system
  • Set up XYZ optical limits
  • Optimize shutter speeds, white balance and contrast to client application
  • Set, Configure, and Test viewing profiles
  • Set environmental controls in housing check list
  • Test for corrected view angles
  • Test and inspect the HD vide players on mobile platform to ensure image quality and experience
  • Set and configure wireless point to point of Bandwidth Anywhere kit when applicable
  • Load client details
  • Email secure custom code, login to management system, begin training sessions

Required: to be performed on site by Customer (typical)  

  • Unpack and inspect
  • Level and securely mount camera system
  • Supply power and test
  • Attach network or wireless access point
  • Document mounting with images
  • Contact your ProBuild support specialist

Quick Tips for Leak-Free Camera Wiring Installations

Create a “Drip Loop”: