Live Demo showcasing some of HDrelay IP camera services and image marketing features that can put your location, business, or construction site, to work with long term recording and social media.

HDrelay IP camera services features and options

  • Hardware support and setup
  • HTML5 IPhone camera control IOS ++
  • Protected Feed anti hijack lock
  • Panoramic 50 MB Timelapse Feed
  • Live FB and TV station uplink portal
  • Video Pre Rolls: Adjustable Ad Durations
  • Simple Overlays: Videos, Images, Logos, or Ads
  • Customizable End Screens or Reconnect Screens

Flexible Camera Hosting Architecture

Welcome to the Demo Center for HD Relay!

Enjoy these dynamic live cameras with all the features from almost 20 years of live streaming cameras for tourism, construction, marketing, weather, and more. We are the remote live camera hosting experts – Find out how live cameras can grow your business!

Demo Center

Customizable Branding Tools for Live Streaming Cameras

Increase brand awareness and brand promotion through overlays, pre rolls, reconnect screens, and the new multi function overlay.

Location: Live from San Diego, CA

Service: IC|HD with HTML5 video, pre rolls, logo overlay, end screen ad, and reconnect button.

Location: Live from Northern California Coast Golf Resort

Service: IC|HD with HTML5 video, pre rolls, logo overlay, end screen ad, and reconnect button.

Location: Live from Colorado

Service: IC|HD with HTML5 Live Video and Live Camera Voting Position/Control

Location: Live from Colorado

Service: IC|HD + Full Feature with HTML5, auto panning panoramic live images, timelapse, cloud recording, pre roll video, end screen ad, reconnect button, and more.

More Live Demos…

Free location and service consultation from HD Relay

IC|HD Simple Ad Overlays: Place your Logo or Custom Graphic on top of the Live Stream

See our HD Relay Logo overlay-ed on the live stream below…

Adding a video, images, logo, or ads to a live streaming camera has never been easier. At HD Relay we’ve designed our player to easily increase your brands awareness with simple overlays. For example, you can place your logo in the top left corner of the video player and make in linkable. Another example is by adding a small video in the bottom corner so increase awareness of your other videos or streaming cameras. We’ve built the functionality to give you control of the overlays.

IC|HD Pre Rolls

Adding a pre roll or intro video to your live camera stream is an amazing marketing tool that you control in the HD Relay manager. You can create and upload an introduction video with or without audio which increases your brand awareness to your live streaming audience. As with our live camera streaming features there is no additional charge.

IC|HD Customizable End Screens or Reconnect Screens

Another powerful marketing tool that we provide at no additional cost is the End Screen or Reconnect Screen. You have complete control when your live screaming camera should stop streaming based on your users inactivity with the video player. But how do you reach them when the video stops streaming from inactivity. It’s simple, add an image with a linkable button to the End Screen or Reconnect Screen. By adding a image and linkable button you can either let the user reconnect the live camera stream or link them to a new page on your website, social media account, anywhere you want to direct them. For example, if you want to increase your Facebook awareness and likes, simple add an graphical message that links directly to your Facebook page. It’s that easy.

Use an Reconnect Screen to re-load/reconnect the live camera to help reduce bandwidth – As seen in the above player

hdrelay end screen reconnect screen examples connect with us on facebook

Use an End Screen to send your viewers to your Facebook page.

hdrelay end screen reconnect screen examples check out our new website

Use an End Screen to send your viewers your new/another website.

hdrelay image 4k logo ultra hd

4K and Greater End Screen Image Resolutions

The End Screen image in the player above is using this 4K Image: Click Here for the 4K Image.

Time Lapse Players from JPG Online Storage

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Time Lapse Broadcasting and Long Term Storage

Our HD Time Lapse system records everything the camera views. This is perfect for long term recording a construction project, parking lot, production line, event, seasonal weather, snow conditions, almost limitless! This feature can be set to record long term ultra high resolution images hourly, by the minute or even by the second.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons large time lapse

All images are stored offsite in HD Relay data centers. Making this secure, affordable, and expandable. If your time lapse project requires images to be compiled for days, weeks or years our managed service is just a phone call away.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons large security

Time lapse is very social, very mobile and incredibly engaging for your online viewers. From your HD Relay camera master control portal it is very easy to upload your time lapse movies to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others in just a few clicks or just cut and paste the link code to your websites homepage, blog site or affiliate pages.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons large audience

Crystal clear high resolution JPG creation preset time capture offering the ultimate time lapse experience.

Time Lapse Available for Simple, Advanced, and HD Panoramic!

Watch the HD Relay introduction video…

Point & Zoom JPG Player

Low Bandwidth High Definition Point & Click Experience

This amazing tool which requires very little bandwidth is very easy to use. Use the controls at the bottom to control the camera, control the panoramic view, update the image, and even share on social media sites. Fully responsive and widescreen ready, this Point & Zoom player is the ideal solution for job-sites that require or are limited to low internet connectivity. Customizable player options includes initial camera view, resolution, and even limiting the user view in case there are sensitive camera viewing angles.

hdrelay point and click panoramic jpg player



AD, API and custom branding

Live HD camera content to your site when created correctly is a very powerful marketing tool once set up. The HD Relay camera service platform has been designed to emphasize your business brand so that you content is always seen as your content and never diluted by third party ads outside of your control. Since the variations of custom branding within the HD Relay service portal is open to brand customization please feel free to let us know your ideas so we can assist. Some branding and AD examples:

  • Pay per click ad placements with YOUR sponsors
  • Live API for portal pages
  • Banner ads within the camera frames
  • Reselling live cameras feeds to third parties
  • Use live cameras to replace traditional marketing and digital signage such as in room video, billboards, etc
  • Creating marketing campaigns based on popular camera page traffic
  • Used to enhance digital signage content for traffic and events
  • Link marketing agendas across other properties to improve brand awareness
  • Logos intro to video
  • Watermarking
  • Audio pre-roll
  • Facebook albums
  • Instagram live postcards
  • White-label services for third parties using your HD Relay players
  • Time-lapse DVD’s

HTML Player Integration

Easy-to-install on any website

Adding an HD Relay video feed to your website is as easy as adding a video from YouTube. We’ve taken care of everything. All you have to do is bring in our 5-6 lines of code and customize (viewing size) it for your platform.

  • Mobile Friendly and Fully Responsive
  • CMS Ready (WordPress, Joomla, etc…)
  • Fully Customizable
  • Video feeds can be added to single or multiple pages
  • Multiple video feeds can be added to a single page
  • 1080p Streaming
  • 89% Reduction in Bandwitdh Requirements
  • Start connecting your feeds today!
  • ACL Secured

Integrated ACL (Access Control List) allows you to control which websites are authorized to display your camera feeds. This feature prevents unauthorized player usage protecting your ownership rights. Start Here! The HTML code below is for sample purposes only. Every HD Relay customer gets customized code that best suits their web platform. That being said adding the HTML video player is very easy to install. Simply add the HD Relay HTML code to any page, input your unique camera player ID’s, customize the dimensions, and we’ll take care of the feed. Here’s a sample of the HTML code provided by HD Relay…

<!– Required libraries to be included preferentially in page head. –>

<script src=”//”></script>

<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”></script>

<!– Div that is going to hold web player. Size set to keep player space before load. –>

<div style=”width: 800px; height: 450px;” id=”webcam_holder”></div>

<!– Code to show web player. Must go after div tag. –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

HDRelay.create({target:’webcam_holder’,id:’INSERT HD RELAY UNIQUE CAMERA PLAYER ID HERE’});


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Explanation: IC|HD™ Player Features

Features and button location may vary depending upon enabled services, features, and player settings.


Call us to review the best options for your live camera project!

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hdrelay protips

ProTips from HD Relay

Tip #4 – Use a time-lapse, panoramic time-lapse, or point to click camera recording interface solutions when only low bandwidth ISP options are available in your area. Tip #7 – HD Relay has more security options then just anti high jacking. We can connect your live camera through a VPN or other measures making us the right choice for all corporate applications. Removing common and not so common threats and attacks against camera vulnerability as it pertains to IT network security. We also have a team dedicated to IT infrastructure as it pertains to live cameras and network security. Call (866) 883-8717 to get an IT discussion started.

“The team at HD Relay has been professional and responsive with superior, uninterrupted service. The cameras we purchased from them have been robust and trouble-free, and the video quality is stunning. Our guests really enjoyed the upgraded webcam streams evidenced by the numerous compliments, social media shares, and record number of camera views.” – Jonathan Davis, Perfect North Slopes

January 2017: Christmas Mountain building a new Ski Lift via HD Relay Panoramic Timelapse