HD Relay 2018 5 stars wideLive Demo showcasing some of HD Relay's Live IP Camera Service and Stream Hosting features that can put your location, business, or construction site, to work with long term recording and social media.

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Live IP Camera Service and Stream Hosting

  • Hardware support and setup

  • HTML5 IPhone camera control IOS ++

  • Protected Feed anti hijack lock

  • Panoramic 50 MB Timelapse Feed

  • Live FB and TV station uplink portal

  • Video Pre Rolls: Adjustable Ad Durations

  • Simple Overlays: Videos, Images, Logos, or Ads

  • Customizable End Screens or Reconnect Screens

Flexible Hosting Architecture and Demo Center

Enjoy these dynamic live cameras that include a wide range of flexible hosting architecture options and other live demos. HDrelay has developed more features from our almost 20 years of live streaming cameras in tourism, construction, marketing, weather, and more. We are the remote live camera hosting experts – Find out how live cameras can grow your business! Increase brand awareness and brand promotion through overlays, pre rolls, reconnect screens, and the new multi function overlay.

Time Lapse Broadcasting and Long Term Storage are Available!

Our HD Time Lapse system records everything the camera views. This is perfect for long term recording a construction project, parking lot, production line, event, seasonal weather, snow conditions, almost limitless! This feature can be set to record long term ultra high resolution images hourly, by the minute or even by the second.

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All images are stored offsite in HD Relay data centers. Making this secure, affordable, and expandable. If your time lapse project requires images to be compiled for days, weeks or years our managed service is just a phone call away.

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Time lapse is very social, very mobile and incredibly engaging for your online viewers. From your HD Relay camera master control portal it is very easy to upload your time lapse movies to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others in just a few clicks or just cut and paste the link code to your websites homepage, blog site or affiliate pages.

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