Facebook Unlimited: Proven Results from Video Posting

Video Creation and Sharing has found its place!

HD Relay has started a 1 video a day beach report campaign. The videos were created from recorded footage of IC|HD™ Live Streaming Cameras from Ocean Beach (720 resolution webcam) and Sunset Cliffs (1080p high definition webcam) both in San Diego. We kept the videos short and simple so they would not take a lot of time to create. Below you’ll find the results of these Facebook video postings. As of February 27th, 2015 we’ve seen a 239% increase likes to our Facebook page, a total of 124,345 users reached, and what’s really amazing is increase in engagement (6,711 clicks, likes, comments, or shares).

Ultimate Facebooking with HD Relay’s IC|HD™

There are a few different ways you can utilize Facebook and other social media platforms. The first thing you need to decide is where you want to drive your viewers. Do you want to drive them to a page on your Facebook account creating more brand awareness? To your Facebook feed to grow your likes? Or driving traffic to your website or a page on it? Regardless of what you decide, all of these goals can be achieved using your new IC|HD™ ProStream package.

1) Creating brand awareness from driving viewers to a page on your Facebook company profile: With the help of a simple Facebook app you can build a new page on your Facebook company profile. Here you’ll be able to create your own HTML content/message with your IC|HD live streaming player at the heart of it. This method will enable your organization to increase brand awareness without ever leaving Facebook. The complete instructions for this can be found at: http://www.hdrelay.com/downloads/HD-Relay-Facebook-Tab-&-Player-How-To-Instructions.pdf

2) Posting instant shareable clips on your Facebook feed to grow your companies likes: With the IC|HD ProStream package you get online instant rewind. This feature allows you to download 30 second clips (a customizable video clip download feature is coming soon). These clips are compressed which means they are ready to share with no video editing software needed which reduces file size and formatting. With these video clips, uploading them to Facebook is easy and can be accomplished from any device. In addition, these videos will automatically start playing once your post comes into view on your audiences feed. By offering your viewers these instant sharable video clips of your organizations offerings, you can track what videos they are interested in the most.

3) Drive web traffic to your website or a page on it: HD Relay’s players are also embeddable in a Facebook post. This will allow your viewers to watch your stream live directly in Facebook. This feature can also be used to drive traffic to your website. Simply add an “End Screen” image/JPG to one of your players found on your website with a link to your website or any specific page. When the live stream times-out (the time-out can be set to any amount of time such as 5 seconds, 30 seconds, etc…) the user can click the “End Screen” graphic to watch more and that will drive them to your website. You can also use “Overlays” with logos or other graphics to drive web traffic while the live stream is still playing. Posting these embeddable live streaming players is easy. Go to the webpage/website where the HTML Live Player is hosted on, click the “Share” icon, then click the check box for “Camera page link in current time position – date and time”, choose the social media platform you would like it to be shared on, and then select the profile account or company page you would like it to be posted on. With HD Relay’s ID|HD™ ProStream package you can also share previous live stream video with sunset or sunrise presets, instant rewind, and even a fast-play overview called “Fast Forward Playback” which shows a playback experience at speeds up to 1,000 the normal playback speed offering a unique way to watch the day’s events.

30 Day Video Archive from Creating and Sharing Videos from IC|HD™ Recorded Live Streaming Cameras via Downloadable MP4’s

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The Results

239% Increase in Page Likes in 30 Days

hdrelay image social media marketing graph facebook page likes incresed by 239 percent in 30 days

Over 124K Total Views Reached in 30 Days

hdrelay image social media marketing graph facebook 124k views reached in 30 days

These days everyone is on their mobile devices and social media, HD Relay will help you dominate your market with constant and relevant updates to your audience.

We’ve got the Social Marketing Tools you’ll need to maximize the return on your live camera investment.

Social Media –
HD Relay gives you the ultimate social marketing tools with proven results that increase awareness, engagement, in all of your favorite social networks from the amazing and easy social features in every live cameras streaming player or downloadable video content.

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With HD Relay, you’re audience will get the most Engaging Social Media Experience from your new live streaming camera.

Social Media –
Your audience will visit your social media websites more frequently while engaging in the content produced from your live streaming camera(s).

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ProTips from HD Relay

Tip #9 – Only HD Relay has a specialized Facebook live camera player. Use this feature to directly increase your companies’ page likes.

Here are some actionable items to consider from our friends at Simply Measured

What to Do in 2016
It’s time to allocate some money to developing video content. We know you’ve been talking about doing this for a couple years now, but it’s really time.

Don’t go long.
45% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute. By the two-minute mark, 60% of viewers have tuned out. This means your content should not be lengthy. If more time is mandatory to get your point across, make sure you’ve engaged your target audience fully before sixty seconds comes along.

Put it everywhere.
Don’t limit your video efforts to YouTube and Facebook. Post snippets and teasers of longer videos on Instagram and Vine, completely saturating your social presence and testing to see which kind of video content is effective for your audience.

For instance, you might kick off a campaign on Facebook with humorous video content, expand to Instagram mid-campaign with product-oriented photographic content, and use Twitter to conduct the chats associated with your campaign, but your brand voice and message should reinforce itself no matter which channel your social audiences are tuning into.

*#SocialMarketing Planning Guide for 2016 from Simply Measured

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