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Live Camera Viewing, Live Camera Hardware, Timelapse, Panoramic Auto Capture, & Online Recording

HD Relay is the only construction camera to offer live jobsite viewing, timelapse projects, panoramic capture, HD online recording, instant rewind, and fast forward playback in one plug-n-play system called ProBuild™. HD Relay provides the best project and jobsite management tools, at lower prices, with an intuitive user-friendly interface. Sign up for a free live service trial and see what HD Relay can offer you.

Our live camera hardware and streaming systems are time-proven. We are progressively improving the way construction camera technologies are being used for over 19 years. Hundreds of construction companies and jobsites use HD Relay every day. Our live camera hardware hosting take hundreds of thousands of timelapse photos every day across the US. We have delivered billions of images to our users and their viewers. If you need a professional, durable, plug-n-play, all environment ready, live camera hardware system to manage your jobsite(s), you have come to the right place.

End project post production videos included!

Watch this beautiful timelapse end project post production video for the Town of Vail. Using a 720p PTZ camera from HD Relay, we were able to capture this almost 2 year construction project. HD Relay offers timelapse, live streaming, cloud recording, panoramic images, jobsite security, pan-tilt-zoom controllable cameras, and end project post production video editing for all your construction projects needs.

About the I-70 underpass project:

Add an I-70 underpass near I-70 mile point 175, connecting the north and south frontage roads between the Main Vail and West Vail interchanges. (The project does not add additional I-70 exits/interchanges into the Town of Vail.) Learn more about this project at:

The Right Equipment For the Right Jobsite

HD Relay offers the most time tested and reliable hardware options available. We get your jobsite or construction project streaming with a live camera faster and without frustration. How? We engineer and manufacture our own camera hardware here in our factory.

Wide Dynamic Viewing


Fixed with 32x Zoom


Full Pan Tilt & Zoom Control


Looking to setup a Jobsite? Call a Live Cam Specialist Today!


HD Timelapse Playback Sample

We Provide The Technology You Provide the Jobsite


Live Streaming
720p & 1080p IC|HD Live Streaming with HTML Player (Multi-Device Compatiable): User Controls, Presets, Voting, Branding & More


Instant Rewind
Video Recording, Storage, & Instant Playback Availability From: 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year with 5 Year Offsite Storage Options.


Fast Forward Playback
Video Based Fast Forward Playback: From 30x up to 1,000x Playback Speeds


High Resolution Image Capture and Playback with Long term ultra high resolution images captured every 1 or 5 minute time lapse.


Panoramic Auto Capture
Ultra HD Wide Angle Image Capture with Panoramic Image Capture System:
Captures a Photo Every 5,10, or 60 Minutes. Static or Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Ready.


2 Way Live Audio
Integrated waterproof microphone included with optional speakerphone for 2 way live communication.

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Why Choose HD Relay

Others choose HD Relay because we offer…

• World-class Customer Service

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We think you will choose HD Relay because we offer…

1) The BEST Live Streaming Camera Technology

This means that more businesses then ever are using live HD camera technologies to promote, educate and localize their location, product or service to the world. Professionally hosted live streaming and time-lapse is similar to having your own broadcast cable channel, and online marketing group all in one, the only difference is that with HD Relay it’s 100% your brand. Simply add HD Relay service to a new or existing IP camera or Webcam and we take care of the rest.

HD Relay is changing the way the world uses live cameras.

Choosing the right unique end user on screen option set is important for creating positive and memorable viewer experiences. Since our beginnings in 1998 we have been pioneering “viewer controlled PTZ” as a standard option for live video. The latest 2015/2016 cameras are even more complex with multiple H.264 codecs , NEW H.265 codecs, OS platforms and 1000’s of different PTZ drivers we are leaders in live control options.

We think you will choose HD Relay because we offer…

2) Time Lapse Players from JPG Online Storage

Our HD Time Lapse system records everything the camera views. This is perfect for long term recording a construction project, parking lot, production line, event, seasonal weather, snow conditions, almost limitless! This feature can be set to record long term ultra high resolution images hourly, by the minute or even by the second.

All images are stored offsite in HD Relay data centers. Making this secure, affordable, and expandable. If your time lapse project requires images to be compiled for days, weeks or years our managed service is just a phone call away.

Time lapse is very social, very mobile and incredibly engaging for your online viewers. From your HD Relay camera master control portal it is very easy to upload your time lapse movies to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others in just a few clicks or just cut and paste the link code to your websites homepage, blog site or affiliate pages.

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We think you will choose HD Relay because we offer…

3) Flexible Hosting Architecture

In addition, IC|HD™ provides an outstanding flexible hosting architecture with customizable player options such as: logo overlay (size adjustable), introduction graphics/videos, end screen graphics with optional reconnect function and/or website link (link to any website including Facebook pages and more), social sharing built-in (snap shot of live feed or sharing of the player), and more. You can even “White Label” you player and strip it of all its bells and whistles.

Endless Branding Options + White Label

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons pre rollsVideo Pre Rolls: Adjustable Ad Durations.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons simple overlaysSimple Overlays: Videos, Images, Logos, or Ads.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons multi fucntion overlayNEW Multi Function Overlay: Customizable Interactive User Interface.

hdrelay flexible hosting architecture page icons end or reconnect screensCustomizable End Screens or Reconnect Screens: Use a photo with the reconnect button/action or use a custom button and link to Facebook/Website.

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